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Free Cricket Betting Tips

Free Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is undoubtedly the most popular game ever to have existed on the Indian grounds. No other sport has been able to match its popularity and fame, be it football, lawn tennis or basketball which are also hugely popular in the rest of the world. A cricket player is more than just a sportsman in India. He is a celeb, he is an iconic figure whom the people always look up to. People in India are so knowledgeful about the game that it is almost casual for people to place a bet on the result of the game. While some do it casually for fun and showing off their knowledge of the game, there are others who love expanding the boundary and bringing the element of thrill in cricket betting.

Where high-value cricket betting forces your adrenaline to rush on one side, it also gives an opportunity to make some money on the other. Such high-value betting has been persistent in Indian history but was also considered an ill-practice as it created conflicts between people. However, times have now changed as there is a surfeit of online cricket betting sites that propagate systematic betting systems along with various other benefits, just like the online casinos. If you are also thinking of getting your hands into cricket betting, these free tips might prove helpful.

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Tip 1: Pick an online betting site worth your time and money

As mentioned above, there is a surfeit of online betting sites to choose from. But the harsh truth is that not all are good enough for you to invest your money and time. A larger quantity never speaks for superior quality. Hence, choosing a good one with utmost care becomes more significant than you can think. A good cricket betting site is licensed and regulated by some of the most trusted authorities. This ensures that the place where you are investing your hard-earned money is not fraud, but genuine. A good betting site welcomes its new players with welcome/sign-up bonus, maintains transparency of policy and terms & conditions and resolves customer issues as soon as possible. So if your betting site lacks one of these, it is time you should reconsider your choice.

Only after you feel that you have found the right one for yourself by going through the site review, reputation and research, register with the site and make your deposit to start betting.

Tip 2: Always stay updated with news related to cricket

Cricket, apart from being the world’s second most famous sport, is also one of the riskiest games when compared to other outdoor games. A game that involves a hard wooden bat and the batsman/bowlers full strength to displace the specially designed cork built cricket ball is bound to be risky. In fact, it is one of the few games that has seen the on-field demise of players. A common injury is an everyday thing for cricket players due to which new and old players keep coming in and out the playing XI. The absence of a match-winner player or an impactful personality in the team makes an evident difference in the team performance and ultimately, in the final result of the match. Hence, staying updated with cricket news draws a clearer picture of which players of your chosen team are going to play the game and whether you still want to make your bet or not; and if yes then how much.

Tip 3: Keep an eye on factors that matter for a match

A match can be affected by various factors other than the players and the team playing in it. Weather conditions and the terrain of the venue largely affect the course of the match. For instance, England, the country that invented this bat and ball game, has an all-year cold temperature and is known for uncertain downfalls. So if you are about to place your bet in a match that is scheduled to be held in the legendary cricket ground of England, Oval, you need to consider the facts that rain may interrupt the game anytime which makes it difficult to make a prediction for the long term. Moreover, due to cold but wet moisture, pitches in England grounds have a moist and grassy texture, allowing the bowler to move the ball while in air, which is called ‘swing’ in cricket terms. A swing in the ball makes it extremely difficult for the batsman to bat. Whereas India is a batsman and spin bowler favouring country. Bowlers don’t get much swing or seam, rather due to the cracks on the pitch that come due to the continuous weathering of the pitch by hot and humid weather makes it a spin bowler favourite. Similarly, cause and effect of the weather vary for the pitch and the game at different venues like Australia, South Africa and West Indies. Keeping an eye on these factors helps you understand if the team strength is capable of tackling the respective difficulties and casting a win on the board or not.

Tip 4: Know the options you can bet on

A cricket betting site may provide the option to bet on categories more than just the result of the match. Modern-day cricket is not how it used to be a couple of decades back. After the inclusion of One-Day Internationals in international cricket in the early 70s, things have changed drastically for the game. The game was introduced to new formats and tournaments that are now the most popular formats of cricket. International cricket T20 drew people’s attention due to its small 20 overs format that only took a minor 3 hours of your busy lives. Later, sponsored T20 leagues like the Big Bash League and Indian Premier League took the popularity of the game to another level, owing to the star-studded sponsorship and mixed country cricket teams. Some of the major leagues and tournaments where you can place your bet are:

  1. Test Cricket
  2. One-Day International
  3. T20 International
  4. Indian Premier League, Big Bash League, Caribbean Premier League
  5. County Cricket Championship
  6. The Ashes

Such varied cricket formats created space for more rooms in the betting options like:

  1. Highest scoring batsman
  2. Highest wicket-taking bowler
  3. Number of boundaries(sixes and fours)
  4. Most number of catches
  5. Man of the match
  6. Highest opening partnership & many more.


More than just a game, cricket is an emotion in a country like India. Betting on cricket is a personal choice of the individual and should only be done when you feel is right to do. But if you ever decide to try cricket betting, why not go in full-fledged with the aforementioned tips prepared by our experts of the game.